Create With Leather, a Worthy Material

Since the beginning of time, humans have used leather in everyday life. Understandably, many designers and craftspeople want to maintain the long tradition of leatherworking, whether in an artisan way or on an industrial scale. Desrochers’ Leathers will help you find the right material whether it is meant for practical or artistic uses.

• Leather worker
• Fashion and Accessories Designer
• Artisan, Craftsperson (Western, First Nation, Medieval, Cutler)


Repair Leather to Prolong Its Beauty and Usefulness

Within this more, and more “disposable” world, smart cobblers reinvent themselves by adding new and complementary services to their businesses, and thus becoming an inevitable go-to resource. Would you like to round up your shop’s profits? Try offering a few items from our catalogs. As you browse our leather goods, you’ll also find heavy-duty tools, processing and maintenance products, hardware and specialized accessories.

• Cobbler
• Leather Seamstress or Tailor


Outift Yourself with Leather Goods for Work, School or Home

Leather is known for its beauty and its durability. Those characteristics are undoubtedly what make Desrochers’ Leathers so much sought after. We offer a huge selection of products to industry leaders who value the comfort and safety of their workers. Many of the leather goods manufactured by Desrochers’ Leathers are available for sale on our online store as well as through selected retailers.

• Hardware Store Owner
• Work Health and Safety Director
• Worker, Contractor or Forester
• Waiter and Bartender
• Student
• Athlete

Would you like to share your creations made with our leathers?

Send us pictures of your original work with a short description. Please note that by doing so, you authorize Desrochers' Leathers to use these images freely on its website and on its social media.