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Cuirs Desrochers is a North American distributor of FIMMA European design rivets, grommets and eyelets made in Italy for the manufacturing of shoes, leather goods and leather works, for the printing and stationery industry, and for the manufacturing industry in general.

These small metal parts can be used for a wide range of applications, including: shoes, boots, belts, handbags, leather and nylon cases and holsters, medieval life-size armour and equipment, posters, banners, paper, sample binders, hockey shin pads and much more.

Are you a printer, a designer or a creator looking for metal components (rivets, eyelets and snap buttons) or supplies to assemble your various pieces of materials, including leather? See the catalogue available below.

We not only distribute metal parts, but also hand machines for production workshops and for assembling rivets, eyelets and snap fasteners.

Contact us and we will help you to make the best selections. A member of our team will be happy to answer you and send you a quote. 



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